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Single Visit Crown
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Single Visit Crown and Veneers

At Sierra Dental, we aim to be as cautious as possible. Crowns are an effective way to rejuvenate damaged teeth. The technique is simple and verified to restore a perfect smile. Our uniqueness is that our dental crowns contain no metal. This is the responsible method of practicing dentistry. In the past, “crown or filling” was the sole restorative option available from your family dentist.
Veneers are typically thin shells applied to the surface of teeth to conceal dental imperfections such as cracks, chipping, stains, and discoloration. They’re comprised of strong, tooth-colored porcelain for a natural appearance and long-lasting performance. Veneers can help make teeth appear straight and even while also masking obvious faults. Our skilled physicians will select a unique shade that complements your smile.

Veneers can be custom-colored to match your teeth and are put with minimal discomfort. Dental veneers are sturdy and resilient, lasting many years before requiring replacement or repair. Dental veneers are robust and long-lasting. Each set of dental veneers is made specifically for you to achieve the smile you deserve! 

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